Full-Time Cook, Expert Script Kiddie, and Sporadic Content Creator. I thrive on diverse and novel endeavors, constantly honing my skills, without claiming mastery in any one field. Stick around long enough, and you might witness the rare occasion when I bring a project to completion. For often I find myself captivated by tangents that lead me into the realm of philosophical musings.

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During my workday, I serve as one of two cooks at La Bola, a small upscale bar nestled in downtown Rochester. While my body stays busy, my mind often roams free, inspiring late-night writings and weekend projects. I value the clear separation between my creative pursuits and financial dependence. This separation empowers me to create with unadulterated passion, unwavering curiosity, and a steadfast commitment to ethical principles. While my primary career lies in the culinary arts, I remain open to exploring alternative paths in life, eagerly awaiting the right opportunity to embrace new adventures.

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